January 2014

Although the weather didn’t cooperate with our first attempt at our annual kick-off dinner at Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA it was just a minor set-back.  We gathered for a delicious meal and good conversation on Friday, January 17th, less our illustrious leader who was unable to attend.  The meeting for January was not held in lieu of this buffet dinner… what a way to have a meeting!  It was great!



February, 2014

The monthly meeting was held at the clubhouse (Gelinas residence – Stroudsburg, PA)… Our meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month with a workshop following the day after (unless otherwise stated). This month’s workshop consisted of working on 5’ feather flags, some members’ new ones, and repairing some of the old ones. Repairs were done on fatigued banners, kites, and flags, an ongoing thing.



March, 2014

Held the monthly meeting and workshop the next day… repairs and new flags… and began prepping for KDIP.



April, 2014

Had the meeting – Wendy and Andy offered to put up money for new t-shirts, was approved and new PKS t-shirts were ordered… at workshop new flags and more prep for KDIP.



May, 2014

First Saturday of May we had our 24th Annual Kite Day in the Park… a big work day for all… held the after KDIP helper party (dinner at park)…



June, 2014

Monthly meeting with an extensive debriefing from KDIP… workshop was spent pretty much sorting, packing away, etc. from KDIP.



July, 2014

Monthly meeting… no workshop because we decided to attend a Blue Mt. event… pretty much a bust for PKS, not much exposure for us… a learning experience.



August, 2014

Monthly meeting and held 2 workshops this month… working on personal 5’ feather flags…



September, 2014

Monthly meeting and were busy this month with the 3rd Annual Hindu Kite Festival, Sunfest, O.C., MD… and Mt. Top 2nd Annual Kite Festival… Big Pocono was scheduled but rained out…



October, 2014

Meeting and workshop… meeting was mostly a debriefing from Mt. Top Festival…



November, 2014

Monthly meeting and workshop following day…more repairs and new feather flags for PKS club display…



December, 2014

Monthly meeting with lots of ideas and changes discussed for the new year… no workshop scheduled…