Since the transformation and transition last spring (2008) of LVKS into PKS we have been busy.  As a part of AKA National Kite Month, PKS won an award for “Most Workshops” during the month.  We now have about 25 five foot PKS feather flags to match the 50 or so LVKS ones we also display.  We made two large PKS flags, a 10 foot & a 12 foot, and repaired many of the LVKS flags so they could still be used.  Additionally, we built a 45 foot PKS Logo Kite for the Kitemaking Competition at MASKC in April.  This kite design, known as a Heksebeest, is also the logo kite for our Sister Club “Dutch Kite Symphony” in the Netherlands.

Besides being busy we’ve also been racking up the miles.  We have attended the MASKC, WILDWOOD and SUNFEST Kite Festivals, the AKA Convention in Gettysburg, PA (represented by Joyce Quinn) and produced two Kite Day In The Park festivals in Northampton County, PA (the first in May and the second in August).  In keeping with LVKS tradition we have built almost 700 kid’s kites for Big Brothers & Big Sisters, different schools, Longwood Gardens and our own Kite Day In The Park festival.

For the Christmas season we donated kites in the name of “Pocono Kite Symphony” to the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve “Toys for Tots” campaign.