We had regular meetings in the months of Feb., March, April, May, June, Aug., Sept., Oct. Nov. and Dec.


Several workshops were held throughout the year. We repaired flags, kite bags, kites, and made designs for new flags.


The first Saturday of May we had our 26th annual Kite Day in the Park at Louise Moore Park in Northampton County. We had a new item on the kitchen menu. Andy Gelinas spear-headed the project of “Chicken and Waffles”. It was a big success. One of his main helpers was Austin Cooper. Austin has celebrated his birthday at our KDIP for a number of years and this was his 18th birthday and he elected to help out at KDIP.


In June we were scheduled to go to the Mountain Laurel Festival at Big Pocono Park but it was rained out.


We were invited to build kids kites at the Steel Stacks 4th of July Celebration and we did so on July 3rd. It was successful.


In Sept. we did the Hindu Festival. It was HOT. But all who attended were awed by our display of flags and banners.

This year the club went to Sunfest. We all rented an apartment together and spent the weekend fighting the wind and rain. Saturday morning Dave Frantz managed to get 5’ feather flags to stay without blowing away. He also managed to fly Frankenfrog who has not been flown since his overhaul. It was so windy that Frankenfrog blew yet another seam. But he was up for a while.


On Oct. 1,  we were scheduled to do the Mt.Top Kite Festival in Mt. Top, PA. We had to reschedule to the next Sat., Oct. 10 because of rain. Believe it or not we hit rain again, but the people running it said it was a go anyway. It was a scaled down festival.


In December. Dave and Lori Frantz delivered kites for “Toys for Tots”.  We scheduled our appreciation dinner for Jan. 14, 2017 at the Sarah St. Grill in Stroudsburg.