January 2015

In lieu of club meeting.  Club members had their annual “Kick-off” appreciation dinner. This year we went to Studebaker’s Restaurant. All went home filled.


February 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse.  Workshop next day – pre-taped kite kits, Bols were fixed. Shamrock 5’ feather flag was patched.  Lori and Wendy each worked on their 5’ feather flags.


March 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse.  Workshop next day – Primary concern was to pre-tape kites for KDIP. Crew was able to complete and tape shut box for KDIP. Repairs to feather flags were also completed.


April 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse.  Mostly prep work for 25th Anniversary KDIP.


May 2015

Last minute meeting for KDIP.

The 25th Anniversary of KDIP was held at Louise Moore Park.  Good day. Big success.


June 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse. Wendy Stephanko assumed the position of President of the club. Andy became Treasurer. June workshop cancelled because of extreme heat and club members way too much to do (moving) etc.

Lehighton Lions kite build – June 7.

Forks Township cubs kite build – June 24.


July 2015

Meeting and workshop cancelled because it was just too hot and members still had too much going on – extreme conditions.


August 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse. Workshop next day members completed pre-taping enough kites plus for Mt. Top Kite Festival. More bridles were made and discussed plans and color design for “over / under” Conyne kite for club project.


September 2015

Monthly meeting at clubhouse. Workshop next day was cancelled because we were to attend the Hindu Kite Festival. The week of Hindu Festival we received notice that it was cancelled but too late to schedule a workshop. Prepped for Mt. Top.


October 2015

Monthly meeting at Wendy’s house in Coopersburg. Wendy treated members present with a delicious ”MOJO” chicken meal and then held meeting…  great way to go and very much appreciated by all. Workshop next day in the Poconos. 2015 yearly update worked on by Andy and Joyce. Wendy worked on website and her write up.


November 2015

Monthly meeting back in the Poconos.  At the workshop the next day the yearly write up fine tuned some more by Andy and Joyce and Wendy did her write up for website. Winter club fly was tabled because of bad weather and illness.


December 2015

Monthly meeting at the clubhouse in the Poconos.  Was voted not to have a workshop the next day because of the busy holiday season.  Plans were made for the “Kick Off Dinner” to be held in January.  Club fly was again tabled due to busy schedules, illness and weather.  We will get there yet!  It is still Winter.